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Where there is no wine there is no love

Euripides Greek playwright, (c. 480-406 BC)

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Wine has been an important part of Greek culture for over 4000 years as the numerous archeological discoveries throughout Greece have revealed. The ancient Greeks knew well the nutritional value of wine as it became an inseparable part of their daily regimen.

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The new generation of native winemakers is being trained in the best wine schools around the world and their efforts are paying off as Greek wines continue to receive the highest awards in international competitions as well as the recognition they deserve throughout the world.

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An extensive variety of grapes together with the moderate Greek climate, plentiful sunshine, low average rainfall and soils of moderate fertility combine to provide an excellent environment for the production of high quality wines.

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Today, Greece is re-emerging as an oenological world player due to its state of the art facilities and its innovative production techniques, adapted to its over 300 globally-unique indigenous varieties (2nd largest in the world) and fascinating terroir (mountainous, alluvial and volcanic).

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New Greek wines carry a long history and a heritage which comprises unique viticultural practices and a treasure of local grape varieties. This, combined with the contribution of keen producers who apply modern, human-scale wine production, make the new Greek wines different and unique.

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