The Regions


With history

Today, Greece is re-emerging as an oenological world player due to its state of the art facilities and its innovative production techniques, adapted to its over 300. 



The myth in your glass

The microclimate of Olympus, the highest mountain of Greece, meets the microclimate of Pieria, and this adds to the beneficial effect of the sea, in order to create great wines.


Uniqueness in every field

This region has slight climatic influences from the Mediterranean but is more continental with colder winters, areas with high winds, rain, and snowfall in the mountains.


Historical pioneers in wine making

A hot Mediterranean climate is the defining feature of Southern Greece. Here you’ll find aromatic white wines along with one ringer, Agiorgitiko, which one of Greece’s top, red variety.


The modern expression of bubbles

An effort on the volcanic Aegean islands. Predominant grape varieties known for their refreshing and aromatic qualities.


& the volcanic Assyrtiko

This is the homeland of Greece’s most famous white wine, Assyrtiko, and some of the country’s best examples come from the island.