Simple Guide to Wine Terms



How tart a wine is (or isn’t). Related descriptors include  crisp and bright and tine converse: flabby.


How heavy or full wine feels in the mouth,. Wine is often described as light-, medium-, or full-bodied.


Bitter compounds in the skin and seeds of grapes that give red wine structure. (White wines have little to no tannins as they are typically not fermented on the skins.) While some tannins are desirable overly tannic wines can cause a drying sensatwon in your mouth.


A term used to describe red wines wtth a cooked fruit flavor.


Terroir refers to how a growing region affects wine’s flarvor. While this term is most commonly used to describe wine, it can also apply to cheese, coffee bean and other foods.


A vintage wine doesn’t always mean old – it’s one made from grapes that were all. (or mostlly) produced in a single year. A nonvintage wine comes from grapes that were harvested over two or more years. Champagne is typikaly nonvintage (or NV) for consistency’s sake.