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effort on the volcanic north Aegean island of Lemnos

Blink Split

Blink Wines is a collaborative effort on the volcanic north Aegean island of Lemnos. The island’s predominant grape variety (95% of vines), Muscat of Alexandria, is known for its refreshing and aromatic qualities, producing exceptional dry and sweet wines.

Blink Wines is producing one of Greece’s most highly acclaimed sparkling wines, as voted by Wine & Spirits magazine with 90 points, packaged in an award winning design.

Lemnos is one of the oldest vine cultivating locations of Greece. Ancient Greeks believed that Hephaestus resided there, because of the island’s intense volcanic activity. Today, the island is known for its wild beauty, with steep rocks but also magnificent beaches.

LOCATION: Lemnos, Greece

FOUNDED in 20092

ALTITUDE: Volcanic hills at 1300 – 2000 feet with 3% incline

SOIL: Volcanic origin and sandy composition.

CLIMATE:  The main feature of the island is the north winds that blow throughout the year, which constantly “adjust” the temperature and humidity levels.

VINEYARDS: 25 yeards old (Muscat of Alexandria, Limnio)