Inspiration and vision

where Alexander the Great was sourcing grapes
to make wine, before each operation

Eros & Psyche White
Eros & Psyche Red

It has been historically proven that Amyndeo is the area where Alexander the Great was sourcing grapes to make wine, before each military operation.

Located on the northernmost area of Greece, in Amyndeo, and on the highest possible altitude, P. Argyropoulos is crafting exceptional wines from French grapes, in a soil and a continental climate that is optimal for this venture.

The climate in this area is positively affected by the multiple lakes and the bodies of mountains that surround the vineyards, making this an exceptional winemaking region. “P. Argyropoulos” is the winemaker’s newest venture, with the goal of crafting affordable Greek wines from international grapes, in a gifted region.

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LOCATION: Amyndeo, Greece

FOUNDED in 2012

ALTITUDE: 1900 – 2200 feet with 5% incline

SOIL: Sandy with clay stones

CLIMATE:  Continental with low temperatures. Extensive periods of snow with 5°C (day) to -5°C (night) during the Winter. Low temperatures during the Summer that benefit the aromas and acidity of the wines, with temperatures between 30°C (day) and 20°C (night).

VINEYARDS: 25 years old (200 hectares of white grape vineyards, 300 hectares of red grape vineyards) Wines here are one label (Eros & Psyche) of two wines (red and white).