The uniqueness of terroir by volcano

where the sun light and the Aegean blue became wine

Santorini Assyrtiko
Assyrtiko Grand Reserve

Today, it consists of the largest organization of the island representing all the cultivators and counting 1.200 active members. SantoWines is committed to safeguarding the local traditional cultivations , producing highest quality Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) Santorini wines and products as well as promoting sustainable agriculture development.

Invests in the ongoing development of cultivation and vinification techniques, while it aims at the preservation of the biodiversity through the operation of a nursery of autochthonous varieties, a solid base for study and trial cultivation of local grapes.

The traditional cultivations of the farmers-members of our cooperative, guarantee the authenticity and the premium quality of our products.

The promotion of all Santorini products is the most important mission of the Cooperative. PDO Santorini wines, PDO Santorini Tomato, PDO Santorini Fava, capers, caper leaves, as well as local sweet preserves, like tomato or Koufeto belong to the wide range of the Santo products of pure Santorini taste that is available for everyone to enjoy !


 Today, we are proud because in one of the most modern wineries in Greece technological perfection harmonizes wonderfully with the landscape uniqueness of our island. Its innovative architecture is remarkable, as it is built on different levels, just as the famous so- called “terraces” of the vineyard, i.e. the different levels that the farmers have developed in the farms, in order to facilitate the cultivation of the land.
During the whole wine making process (from receiving the grapes until bottling) we utilize the physical phenomenon of gravity which replaces the use of pumps for the transfer of the must and wine which upgrades the quality of the wines produced.

Our winery has a capacity of 4,000 tons and is constantly upgraded by investing in new equipment ensuring we always use cutting edge technology in production.

In the cellars of the winery, we reserve the largest collection of wines, white, red and Vinsanto which are ageing in oak barrels.


The Wine Tourism Center, the multiplex site of the winery, which is dedicated to wine, local farm produce, gastronomy and the culture of Santorini island. With stunning views of the Caldera from edge to edge and background the volcano, annually over 400,000 visitors from around the world enjoy a complete wine and gastronomic experience that includes a tour of Santorini wines tasting, visit to the cellars, viewing of a documentary for the vineyards , the winemaking tradition and Santorini wine, wine tasting and tasting and traditional flavors of the island.

LOCATION: Santorini, Greece

FOUNDED in 1947

ALTITUDE: 1000-1400 ft

SOIL: Volcanic eruption formed a soil of unique texture which includes lava, volcanic ash and light stone