Legendary terroir & Four generations of viticulturists

For a true Snob. Experience, leave nothing to chance.

The grapes cultivated in the Karamitros family vineyards, at an altitude of 700 m and a stone’s throw from prolific Plastiras Lake, are harvested early in September and give a juice that is rich in acids and has a low pH to serve as the base wine.
The best part of the juice is used to create Snob.: only the first 30%-35% that runs freely, without any pressure at all. The marc, which gives the wine its colour, is quickly removed to obtain a light pink hue, an elegant colour that befits the precious Limnionas juice.
After the first fermentation, it is left for 3 months on the fine lees in the tank to develop body and volume. This process brings out the delicate character and unique aromas of the variety. During the second fermentation, chemistry plays its decisive role in creating the magical bubbles that make the wine sparkling and exciting.

LOCATION: Xerokampos Nemea

FOUNDED in 1980

ALTITUDE: 2150 – 2300 ft