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Anyone in pursuit of a Greek white grape variety which promises refreshment and enlivenment, all the while offering exoticism unprecedented in a Mediterranean country, should look no further than Moschofilero: it automatically springs to mind. Just as “moscho”, the first part of its name, promises this charismatic grape is the most aromatic one of the fileri grape family. Despite the reddish or grayish hue of its berries it is almost exclusively used for the production of dry whites and some sparkling wines. It is also frequently blended with other wines (including many PGI ones) where its task is to give them a “boost” by means of its superb aroma.
The hub of the late-harvested Moschofilero variety is the Peloponnese and the Mantinia Plateau in particular. Over there, high on the cold, mountain terrain of the area, the Moschofilero-Mantinia works miracles, yielding the PDO Mantinia whites. Just pick up your glass and raise it to your nose. This is all it takes for Moschofilero to become generous with its gifts of delicate and exotic aromas laced with notes of lychees, rose petals, and lemon flowers. One sip suffices: the mischievous mood that its light body, titillating acidity, and piquant finish generate sweeps you away: characteristics which Moschofilero does not forsake even when it is vinified in the traditional Champenoise method to yield delicate sparkling wines; not even when it is macerated to render its rosés; and not even when it is oaked during those rare occasions when wine growers decide that it be fatty and full.
Exotic, surprising, and replete with freshness, Moschofilero inundates the senses, leading them in its unique way to a plane of euphoria and joy whether it is enjoyed as an apéritif or acts as companion to elegant dishes. Those who stay forever young in knowledge and mood regardless of their biological age will find in Moschofilero the ticket to a magic journey! Those who consider themselves among the connoisseurs of wine will entrust in Moschofilero their rest and recreation, conspiratorially smiling at this captivating variety all the while.

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