Rapsani Old Vines

Another rare, native grape variety, Stavroto is used for the production of dry red wines. As is the case with Negoska, we won’t find Stavroto vinified on its own. It usually participates in blends so that, once again, it may undertake the task of taming unruly Xinomavro.
Stavroto is cultivated only in the area of Rapsani, central Greece, where together with Krassato and Ximomavro it yields PDO Rapsani wines. It is harvested towards late September. This fact combined with its vulnerability to rainfall increases demands for a satisfying harvest. Its resplendent color is responsible for the ruby red in Rapsani wines while its ostensibly tough tannins soften quickly giving way to those of Xinomavro without, however, relinquishing their hold on its own spicy aromas and quaffable taste.
Lovers of the terroir (as that is expressed through the European PDO zones and the Greek ones in particular) will find in Rapsani wines all those elements that spell out the singularity of an appellation and its terroir. Stavroto is part of that land and never fails to put its own, distinct finishing touches on a unique canvas.

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