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Its name -Xinomavro- comes from the words xino (sour) and mavro (black). As matter of fact, the skin of its berries does not possess any particularly rich tint. Be that as it may, Xinomavro surprises with its performance and multi-faceted personality, yielding “vin de garde” reds, dynamic rosés, aromatic sparkling wines, and even idiosyncratic sweet wines.

Planted in every nook and cranny of central and northern Greece, Xinomavro is solely responsible for or participates in the PDO Naoussa, PDO Amynteo, PDO Goumenissa, and PDO Rapsani reds. It is also blended in Amynteo’s quiet dry wines and sparkling ones (POP Amynteo). “Finicky” and demanding, Xinomavro is in need of the appropriate terroir, increasing care in cultivation, low yields per hectare, and the right weather conditions in order to reveal itself in all its glory. Yet, when that happens, Xinomavro is reminiscent of Nebbiolo, that magnificent Piedmont variety. Still, the similarities of Xinomavro to the latter do not stop at that. Its ruby color; its magical bouquet which includes anything from violets to olive paste and from tomatoes to smoke and blackcurrants; its mouth replete with acidity and high alcoholic content; and its aggressive tannins have rightfully earned him the sobriquet of “Greek Nebbiolo”.

The red varietals benefit from long-term oaking which manages to tame the variety’s character: Xinomavro brings forth the highly acclaimed velvety wines for which it is touted the world over and becomes inextricably linked with specific origins such as Xinomavro-Naoussa, Xinomavro-Amynteo, and a number of others. On other occasions, wine growers choose to blend it with milder varieties from abroad or with the native Greek ones of Stavroto and Krassato (POP Rapsani); and Negoska (PDO Goumenissa) so that the wines may become more attractive while young. Charismatic Xinomavrorightfully holds the top rank in the hierarchy of Greek varieties. Both its uniqueness and performance promise to offer many a moving experience to all true wine connoisseurs, convincing them on the very first sip that they are dealing with something momentous and distinct.

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